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The latest in my Rogues Gallery features, in my opinion, one of Hollywood's most underrated character actors; Stanley Tucci.

From the unflappable style guru Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada to the cool dad we all wanted to have growing up in Easy Aflamboyant MC Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games and the horrifying child-killer George Harvey in The Lovely Bones, Stanley has the range and skill to bring characters as disparate as these to life.

 Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada 
(Ok so the styles might look a bit dated but the movie is almost a decade old - give me a break!)

The floral and embroidery trends of late seem to have take inspiration from the charismatic front man of the grisly gladiatorial trials in  The Hunger Games

However, it is off the screen where my focus is. An adopted Londoner, Tucci has brought his New York sense of style and applied it to classic London tailoring. No stranger to the red carpet, his suits and off-duty looks are always sharp and considered.

Never seen without his skin crop (a must for any man who is losing/has lost his hair) and trademark thick frame glasses, these distinct accessories seem to work with any style of outfit.

Hosting the GQ Man of the Year Awards 2016, wearing Hugo Boss
With his wife Felicity Blunt, sister of his TDWP co-star Emily. 

Off-duty utility wear, finished with monkstrap shoes.

Put a twist on black tie by contrasting your velvet with something fun like check.

Rocking the Vegas tie (2 buttons undone FYI)
This is the definition of a smart casual look; 
velvet jacket (normally reserved for black tie events), black denim jeans and then breaking rules by wearing them with brown boots.

A mature man with a refined and established sense of style, you can tell Tucci is not one to be swayed by trends or fads. This is something many of us (myself included) should take inspiration from as we get older. This is not to say you can't have fun with your clothes, but if you wore it for the first time around, don't be tempted to try it again! 


As always,I've done the legwork and found you some inspired pieces to help you steal some of Mr Tucci's style.

Specsavers Kyoto glasses £69

If you're lucky enough to need glasses like me, a round frame like this suits many face types. 
Don't be tempted to buy them and wear them with the clear glass, we are all going to judge you harshly.

Remus Uomo from £260.00
While a dinner suit might seem like an extravagance, it can become the backbone of your occasion wear. Ceremonies, weddings and cocktail parties are covered; just switch up your shirt or accessory colours to refresh it.

Jigsaw Chore jacket £249

The worker/chore/labourer jacket is a sound investment. A lightweight and slightly more mature alternative to the bomber jacket, it works with simple denim or cotton trousers.
I've chosen a black, dressier version from Jigsaw and the original, casual style from Le Labourer, based on the original French sackcloth jacket.

Le Laboureur work jacket £89

Made from indigo denim, this piece will just look better and better as it gets older. 

Dune Putney double-monk shoe £100

By now you'll know my aversion to black shoes, so a smart pair of tan shoes is essential in my opinion. They work with navy, grey and if you're feeling rebellious, wear them with black.

Zara checked suit trousers £39.99

A pair of smart trousers is something every man needs to have in his wardrobe, but adding something fun, like a bold pattern or texture, shows you know how to work your style.

Noose and Monkey black velvet jacket £140

Either worn for special occasions, or dressed down with denim, a classic black velvet tuxedo jacket is never a bad choice.

Dune Mackles double zip boots £100 £63

Back to Dune (they continually get boots and brogues just right) and these slim profile boots will smarten up jeans and would work with trousers or chinos. The dark dark brown lend themselves to slim black jeans especially.

There you have it, another in the Rogues Gallery series done. If you take anything from these posts, I hope its is some inspiration. We cannot become clones and copy things down to the minutest detail; if we did, life would be so dull. However, we can always adopt and adapt new things and make them our own.

I'll be posting another poll for the next Rogues Gallery victim star over on my twitter but if you have any requests or suggestions, drop them in a comment below.

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