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I recently ran a poll on twitter to decide the next installment in my Rogues Gallery series, a poll that Conor McGregor won by a landslide.

In this post, I'll be looking at the rise of the MMA superstar Conor McGregor. While he has achieved greatness inside the ring; outside the ring it's his cocky persona and flamboyance that is as infamous as his fighting skills. As the only fighter to hold concurrent titles in different divisions in the UFC, McGregor has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. Renowned for trash talking and showboating, the difference is, his words can be backed up by his actions. 

Now, this might be a controversial statement, but I think McGregor could be the Muhammad Ali of the 21st Century. A respected (albeit begrudgingly) athlete with a sharp tongue, big ego and a sense of style that polarizes the masses. Some perceive him as a shallow peacock, others as a true showman; using clothes to convey his confidence.

At the Grand National a few weeks ago. 
While most patrons arrive in tweed and suits, turning up in an open Louis Vuitton shirt, flip-up sunnies and metallic trainers screams IDGAF.

While many scoffed at this over-the-top look, only those in the know caught on it was pure homage. He was wearing a Gucci ode to Joe Frazier. This is a man who apparently knows his history (both in style and fighting) and knows how to work it to his advantage. 
A full-length white fur coat is a hard look to pull off so maybe opt for a more wearable incarnation such as a borg collar or shearling jacket. (Unless you're a wiry, rugged fighter with tonnes of cash; in that case go for it!)

A recent GQ shoot with a not-so-subtle nod to the Irish flag. A jade green suit played down with a classic white tee and bold orange suede slip-ons.

Anyone else who tried to wear these Dennis Taylor-esque 80's glasses would look like such a wannabe try-hard, but the fact is that McGregor isn't even trying.

When is a suit not a suit? When it's a co-ord. 

Rocking the rugged workwear like a modern-day Steve McQueen.


As always, I have found some inspired pieces for you consider.

Reiss £85

Mango Man £39.99

The Cuban and Hawaiian style short-sleeved shirts that had a major comeback in 2016 show no signs of going away this coming summer. A retro or kitsch pattern (if like most of us who can't stretch to an LV monogram shirt) paired with chinos or jeans is the perfect piece of kit for holidays or a sunny day about town.

Noose & Monkey £65.00

Patterned trousers will make a statement at a summer wedding, on holidays or just if you want to add some fun to your outfit on a night out.

ASOS £60 (jacket)

A bold suit will draw attention and envy. Keep your shirts neutral but take inspiration from Conor and add another striking detail with your footwear.

River Island £130

BoohooMan £30

A suede jacket is a clever addition to any man's wardrobe. It will dress down a shirt and trouser combo or add texture and interest to a t-shirt and jeans.


If you take anything from Conor McGregor, let it be his confidence in his style. Your clothes should be an extension of your personality rather than an alternative for it. Allow your clothes to echo and boost faith in your own style.
Wear your clothes, don't let them wear you!

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