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Do you remember back in December I wrote a little festive fashion piece about one of my favourite stores on the high street, White Stuff?
Well, on Thursday evening I was invited to be their blogger-in-residence for their customer event! 

I was on hand to offer help and advice to their menswear customers. I've always said I'm no expert but if I can find clothes that fit and I feel comfortable and confident in, I would hope to share this with other men who might struggle in these areas.

While I've worked in men's clothing retail before and offered advice to countless customers, this was the first time I'd been asked to do so on the merits of my blog and experience so I was immensely proud.

White Stuff's collections are divided into 2 broad categories: Laundered Classics and Gentleman's Relish.
Laundered Classics is a more relaxed range, designed to be a safe and easy selection of clothes; ideal for the man who doesn't like to put too much effort in shopping.
Gentleman's Relish is the more tailored, fashion forward range, featuring bolder patterns, accessories and finishes, perfect to dabble with!

A checked shirt and a pair of relaxed chinos is a great Sunday look. 

Pairing a simple navy crew neck with the stylish Accent mac

I loved the Peaky Blinders-inspired combination of heavy wool waistcoat, brushed cotton trousers and classic white Oxford shirt. Wear it with brogues or brown toe-cap chukka boots. 
(And a flat cap if you want to go the whole hog!)

I'd wear the heck out of this outfit. Just by having an alternative shirt, the whole look changes.

Patterns and prints are something many men are wary of and sometimes with good reason. Too bold of a pattern and your shirt can look like caravan curtains but a subtle floral, Paisley or alternative polka dot or stripe can sometimes make all the difference.

Prints: it's not rocket science...

Thursday evening in Belfast was a total downpour, making these shirts VERY appropriate!

I was so proud and excited by my first foray into styling and hope to continue it in the future. Knowing your body shape, height and colour palette takes experimentation and trial. Don't give up if the latest trends aren't for you.
You'll never see me rocking a long-line tee. This equals a maxi dress on a 5'6" guy!
Knowing what works for you and with you will exude confidence and that is often the best accessory to have!

Thanks to Roshni, Maeve and the team at White Stuff Belfast for inviting me!

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