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I love autumn. I keep saying it but I don't think I can stress it enough. I love that it's cool and crisp. I love the colours and the textures. I love that it's dark early and the evening draws in around our house like a blanket.

With a more home-based social life on the horizon, thoughts turn to how to occupy myself on a night in and what better than something relaxing and indulgent. This is something not many men will admit to enjoying (and I don't often partake of this myself) but there is something about an evening bath that washes off the stress and general meh of a working day.

Molton Brown recently sent me a care package of their latest men's range with a few old favourites thrown in too.
I've been a fan and user of their Re-Charge Black Pepper range for many years and they have recently updated it with a Sport sub range. The fragrance is a little fresher than the traditional warming and heady pepper scent, just what you need after a long day. I am as far removed from a sportsman as physically possible, but I'm not going to allow this to stop my cleansing crusade!

Re-Charge Black Pepper Sport Muscle Soak and Deodorant 

Drawing myself a super-hot bath (as a kid I'd call them monkey baths due to the oooh oooh noise I made as I lowered myself into the hot water) I threw a generous handful of the Muscle Soak granules under the running tap.
As soon as it hit the water, the fragrance released was amazing! A spicy, musky yet fresh and invigorating combination. 

I'm a firm believer in staying in the bath until your fingers wrinkle but I always have a voice in the back of my head calling a bath dirt soup and that ultimately, you are swimming in your skin's detritus so I never have a bath without finishing with a shower. Luckily. Molton Brown provided me with 2 bottles of their excellent body washes to ensure I was squeaky clean.

Tobacco Absolute was launched earlier this year and is a light masculine scent with notes of tobacco, leather and rosewood and Bushukan is a vibrant and refreshing combination of ginger and citrus notes from the bushukan fruit (I'd not heard of it either). While I love Black Pepper and Tobacco Absolute, I was tempted to taste Bushukan is smelled so good!
I had to try both for the purposes of this post and they have now migrated to the en-suite as part of the everyday grooming routine.

I called into the Molton Brown store when I was last in Dublin and grabbed a few snaps of the collections on display.

With the festive season swiftly approaching, visit Molton Brown for all sorts of gift ideas and goodies for the man in your life. 

Thank you to Molton Brown for kindly sending me the products for this post.

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