The September Issue (Or The Issue with September)


We're almost half way through September, can you believe it?

What is probably my favourite month is also one of my busiest. It's the launch of the autumn season across the fashion and grooming industries, leading up to the peak of Christmas. With all this going on, it means it's one of the most heavily concentrated periods for blogging events and press launches. I've been very lucky to be invited to several already this month but all this has unfortunately left me with a bit of a back log.

In my full-time job, I'm also up to my ears preparing for the most hectic quarter of the year so it leaves me with little time to do what I enjoy most about blogging; writing.

I'm not writing this post as an excuse or a disclaimer or even a boast, it's more a proclamation of the feast or famine situation bloggers, especially those based in Northern Ireland face. We can go for weeks, even months with no activities and then boom, the new season arrives and we are awash with loads of fabulous invitations and it's just difficult finding the time to juggle attending, work, blogging and all the other things life throws at us.

I'm determined to get the finger out as my dad would say and clear the back log of posts currently languishing as drafts. It's unfair to the companies who have been so kind to me and it makes me look very unprofessional when I don't hold my end of the bargain. I want to get back into the swing of things and fully immerse myself once more in my blog.

Here's a peek at what's to come in the blog soon:

All aboard The Pizza Express
Pizza Express opened 2 new restaurants in Belfast recently and I was treated to a foodie tour of the new venues.

I know what I'm wearing for New Year's Eve!
I headed to Dublin for a whistle-stop day of press events for River Island and Boohoo, showcasing what's to come for the new season.

Do you think there's a market for rogues+brogues signed photos..?

Rugged and Ready
 Continuing my #Septembeard theme with a review of the Westburn & Granite beard conditioners. Hint; they're pretty good.

A review of the new No.14 eau de toilette from Gruhme, a new scent for a new season. 

Travelling Egypt with Penhaligons
A voyage of olfactory discovery with Penhaligons, inspired by the heady scents of Egypt 

Sporty Spice
It's not a Spice Girls reunion post, it's a feature on the updated version of Molton Brown's famous (and my favourite) Black Pepper collection


Thank you for sticking with me so far and I hope you come back to find out more! 

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