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Last week, I took a trip to Dublin to attend the Remus Uomo autumn/winter 2016 press launch. Having been lucky enough to attend events with Remus Uomo in the past and work with them on journal articles and press releases, and as a fan of their fashion, I was eager to see what new pieces would be arriving for my favourite style season.

Bag packed and ready to go with the Remus Uomo lookbook to read on the train.

Trying to cram in a little blogging on my downtime 
At the risk of repeating myself (and I'm often told I do), autumn is without doubt my favourite season when it comes to men's fashion. The colours, textures, layers and patterns are much more elegant and rich. Perhaps it's because we don't have much of a summer in this part of the world that autumn-winter has such a big role to play in a man's style choices.

Autumn is always the season for a more muted palette but the savvy gent will always replace vibrant colours with interesting patterns or textures. From the small selection above, you can see checks, herringbone, chevrons, polka dots and birds eye print; all of which will add interest to your outfit. 

Contrasting patterns and combining unusual layers will reinvent your look. Putting together pieces you would never usually think of combining separates you from the rest of the flock. 

I loved the layered combination of jersey polo shirt, wool waistcoat and checked blazer. While the textures are similar, by putting them together, you break the usual routine of shirts and blazers. Wear with heavy wool trousers or even dark denim jeans and a pair of plain white trainers to really mix it up.

I couldn't write a post about Remus Uomo and not talk about what they are most famous for; tailoring. 
Taking classic Italian inspiration and adding their unique details, their business and tailoring section is a hidden high-street secret. Subtle grey checked wool suits, accented with this season's must-have colour burgundy or the quintessential Remus Uomo blue bring a little bit of rural style to the city. 

Making it look so easy
Stylish and uncomplicated accessories to complement your look.
Clothes may make the man, but accessories make the stylish man.
Drawing on the colour of the season, burgundy
I have my eye on so many pieces from this season, especially those bi-colour Derby shoes above. 

Menswear is a creature of habit and while there is no point in reinventing the wheel, a brand such as Remus Uomo know to emphasise the most crucial points of any well-dressed man's wardrobe; quality, fit and versatility. With a muted colour range of grey's and navy's, but interspersing them with hints of dark green, aubergine, burgundy and vibrant splashes of cobalt blue; these pieces will integrate with existing items in your collection. A man's wardrobe is often grown organically, adding to it gradually in a series of interconnecting and complementary capsules and choosing timeless yet modern pieces from Remus Uomo will always be a wise investment.

Thanks to Remus Uomo and the team at ASG Ireland for inviting me.

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