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Last week I attended an intimate and unusual event hosted by TK Maxx. 

TK Maxx is renowned for its diversity and value but isn't everyone's cup of tea. I've heard the old arguments "I can never find anything" or "I can't be bothered looking" but that is the cry of the lazy and the unimaginative.

TK Maxx challenges shoppers to go beyond their list or planned buying and just enjoy the ridiculous possibilities presented by this high-street Aladdin's cave. How often have any of us visited TK Maxx and left with something we hadn't thought of? On my last visit, I came away with such disparate items as bamboo socks, a dog harness for Frank and a note book to add to my ever-growing collection.

From home wares to fashion, TK Maxx is a deconstructed department store and in my opinion, probably the best destination when shopping for any kind of gift.

Inspired by their eclectic and ever-changing array of product, a select group of bloggers were invited to a secret evening with the only information being the enigmatic tagline of #duvetdining...

My companion for the evening was my blogging wife Ruth from Willow Lane blog.

Arriving at The Treehouse in Belfast's AM:PM restaurant, we were met with an imposing blanket fort which was to be our home for the evening. Kicking off our shoes and stepping inside, the floor was covered with cosy throws and pillows, arranged around low tables.  Joining us at our table were husband and wife bloggers Nial & Helen from Pikalily and Donna from designer boutique & blog My Sister's Closet.

The menu for the event was created by celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine, a whimsical 7 course affair full of fun and flavour.

First course was colourless tomato consume, served in a tea pot. The broth was so intensely flavoured; distilled tomato purity.

We followed that with a mini vegetable patch, consisting of goat's cheese mousse scattered with black olive soil and studded with crunchy raw baby vegetables.

My (almost) favourite course was the mystery meat fruit; a serving of toasted sour dough with a plump cherry on top. On inspection, the cherry was actually duck pate glazed with cherry jelly; delicious when spread on the hot toast.

Our next course took us to Asia, with spicy Korean chicken wings and canapes of seared tuna served on tiny rice cakes.

Dessert consisted of some mixed up fruit jellies, with blood orange and beetroot in the reverse colour. (I have to admit, the beetroot was too savoury and earthy for me but all part of the fun.)

My favourite part of any meal is always the dessert and one of my (many) favourite desserts is crème brulee. They didn't disappoint with a dainty serving of crème brulee in a real egg shell!

A fabulous and fun evening, a big thank you to the team at TK Maxx.

Go visit your local store and find some alternative inspiration!

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