Lush Father's Day 2016 Launch Party


I recently attended Lush Belfast's first ever blogger party to celebrate the launch of their new Father's Day collection.

I've been a fan of Lush for many-a-year now and it's exciting to see them embrace the Belfast blogging community. 

We were warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic team who started the night with a bit of a Q&A session on our favourite Lush pieces, giving great insight into the production and thought behind each product we take for granted.

The aptly named The Rough With The Smooth.
A sugar-loaded exfoliating massage bar, perfect for waking your skin in the morning

Never one to shy away from a hands-on experience, the team got everyone involved in creating their own tub of Angels on Bare Skin, their best selling cleanser. Truthfully, as good as it is, it wouldn't be my first choice just because of the lavender scent. However, my better half has nabbed the tub and is adding it to his current grooming routine and is praising the results.

Made by my own fair paws!

After getting ourselves suitably cleansed and crafty, it was on to the big reveal; the brand new, never before seen, exclusive etc etc Father's Day range!
While all Lush products are designed to be unisex, the Father's Day collection is created to help your old man to relax and pamper himself.

Gone are the days of soap on a rope, cheap aftershave and naff shower gel sets, the new range includes a mixture of fun and fresh bath bombs, bubble bars, shampoo bars and soaps. 

SuperDad bath bomb
Check out this fizzing beaut in action...

This range includes the new face scrub and shampoo bar. 

Lava Lamp bath bomb
A zingy, citrus bomb inspired by the 70's must have!

Modfather bubble bar.
The closest thing to a Parka and Vespa for reliving his youth.

While not new, this fragrance is one of my favourites.
It has a fresh, masculine scent and bring a bit of the outdoors to your day.
Pick up the solid perfume as a little Father's Day sock filler!

 You'll always be spoiled for choice in Lush and it will be hard to resist picking up something for yourself while you're there.

Thanks to the team at Lush for inviting me!

Let me know your Lush favourites in the comments below.

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