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Today I'm writing about a touchy subject to many men; hair loss.

Hairloss can vary from the commonly encountered male pattern baldness to alopecia areata which causes patches of hair loss to alopecia univeralis which can cause permanent hair loss across the entire body

Around 6 weeks ago, I developed alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is an auto-immune reaction, causing hair loss in a single patch. The patches can grow or develop in other areas. It can be a reaction to stress but there are genetic factors also linked if family members have suffered from other auto-immune conditions such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, both of which affect my mother.

The affected area is on the back of my head so it was not initially spotted, however Caelan noticed it one day on an off chance. My hair was longer then and it was not very noticeable.

However, I have since had my hair cut so the patch is much more prominent. The patch is around the size of a 10p and completely smooth. I have had questions such as if it was a scar or a mishap at the barbers but I am keen to be honest and open about the condition. As it's on the back of my head, I don't see it and try not to let it affect me too much.

Truthfully, it has affected me. Hair to a man can be seen as a sign of masculinity, virility and strength and to have your body reject this can be embarrassing or even emasculating. While there is the argument of out of sight out of mind, for someone such as myself who does enjoy looking after his hair, it can be frustrating and a knock to their self esteem

Alopecia areata is not a permanent condition but the affected area can take several years to regrow. In the meantime, it could present in another location, but hopefully it will be contained to my current little crop circle.

I thought this was a topic which deserved to be explored and spoken of more. I'll keep up updated on my progress and what changes I encounter along the way.

If you are experiencing similar issues, speak your doctor. Visit Alopecia Online for support and further information.

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