Dublin Days


Over the past month, I've been making a weekly trip to Dublin for blog events, press days or just for the craic.

Merchant's Arch, entry to the infamous Temple Bar area


Although Dublin is only 2hrs away on the train, it was a city I rarely ever visited. But the more I have explored, the more I have come to realise how much it has to offer as an alternative to my home town of Belfast.

A cronut makes the commute a lot more tolerable.


                                                                     A mantra to live by

I thought I would log a few of my snaps and finds in a post and my favourite places for shopping, to grab a coffee or for a quick lunch.

indigo & cloth

One of my favourite new finds (well, new to me) is Indigo&Cloth. I've followed the store for ages in instagram so was determined to find it the day Caelan and I visited. Situated in the bustling Temple Bar area, it is coffee shop come men's fashion emporium come design haven. It's everything I want from a shop!

It's true

With collections from Norse Projects, Levis, INSTRMNT watches, Our Legacy and Sandqvist, the store's carefully curated range is fashionable without being trendy.


The store's latest window merchandising in collaboration with OffSet

On each of my 3 visits, I have ordered a flat white. On each of my 3 visits, it's the best flat white I've ever had.

brother hubbard

I'd heard good things about Brother Hubbard when I put a shoutout on my facebook page for coffee spot recommendations. 
I made my way to it after attending the COS AW16 press day last week, one of the team at Baluba had actually recommended Brother Hubbard's other venture Sister Sadie but I was heading back towards the centre of Dublin so thought I should give the original a visit.

A relatively simple installation, Brother Hubbard don't need to have over-the-top interiors when their food and coffee is as good as it is.

I arrived *just* at the end of breakfast and was glad for it. I opted for the beans & pulled pork special, a hearty and warming bowl of homemade baked beans. spiced with paprika and topped with a juicy pile of pulled pork and a fried egg. 
To drink, I stuck to my usual flat white. Brother Hubbard use 3Fe coffee (another spot on my to-visit list) 

While you're there, pop into their next door store Little Brother where all their delicious sandwiches (voted best sandwich in Dublin), coffees and essentials are available in a fantastic delicatessen.

It's been a week since I was last in Dublin and I think I am having withdrawal symptoms; anyone got an excuse for me to go back?

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