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I've spoken before about my hair problems; thick, heavy, hard to manage (sounds a bit like myself) and how quickly it can grow.

Wahl kindly sent me their Haircut and Beard Trimmer to trial and so I enlisted my hairstylist again to put it to the test.
A compact and lightweight unit, the trimmer itself fits easily in your hand. It can be used cordlessly, handy for when you want to trim your beard in the bathroom but can be used while plugged in should the charge begin to drop.

Included with the kit is a FULL range of guards, 12 pieces going from 0.5 all the way up to 8 meaning you can shape and groom your hair in pretty much any style you want. There are also handy tapered guards for working around your ears if you are that skilled.

The unit has a 45min running time on full charge and it made it through my hair and Caelan's hair on a single charge. We both have thick hair and it made short work (haha) of our manes; I was dubious as to how well such a relatively small trimmer would cope with our hair but the precision blades quickly and effortlessly buzzed through.

I went through a few guards to see how easy they were to use, going from 0.5 to 3 across the fade around the back and sides of my hair. The guards are quick and simple to swap, they pop off easily but click on securely so you are assured there is no chance of them coming off during use.

After my haircut, I used the trimmer myself on my beard, working on an all-over #5. I didn't want to lose too much length but my beard needed a good tidy up, and this guard got rid of all the straggly, stray hairs but kept the fullness.

the beard aftermath 

In addition to the clipper and guards, the kit also includes 3 combs and a pair of scissors; these are invaluable when it comes to trimming around your moustache. And all of this can be bought for under £20! 

You can buy the Wahl Haircut and Beard Trimmer kit from Argos, but check out the full range of professional and home grooming equipment and solutions here.

*thanks to Wahl for gifting me with the Trimmer kit

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