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While we've all been told of the to-dos when it comes to summer skin care, winter can be just as harsh on your skin. Cold, gusty winds outside and dry heat indoors will play havoc with your skin, leading to dehydration, flakiness and greasy patches.

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To help prevent this, a good exfoliation is important to remove any dead or damaged skin. This is where the Konjac Sponge Co comes in.

I love an exfoliating scrub (if anything, I probably over use them but I just can't beat the clean feeling I get) but the Konjac Gentleman's Sponge replaces a bathroom cabinet of scrubs and washes and cleansers with a single, natural product. Imbued with bamboo charcoal, it will combat oil and help draw out blackheads 

rogues+brogues blog konjac sponge post

I was a little dubious at first because of the shaving sponge description, but of course those of us who have a hairless face will have more skin exposed to the elements and can benefit from additional cleansing to help the shaving process. Use the sponge in lieu of a badger brush to achieve a shaving lather, softening the bristles and exfoliating the skin in one go!

rogues+brogues blog konjac sponge post

I gave the sponge a test drive last night in my usual weekly Sunday Spa session (beard maintenance, bit of a facial, eyebrow topiary etc) and was really pleased with the results. 
Normally I will have used a scrub and then toner twice to completely remove any greasy build up from my T-Zone. However, I skipped any lotions and potions and just used the sponge in warm water. 
Immersing the dry sponge under a warm running tap, it turns into a sea-urchin-like mass, going from abrasive to smooth in seconds. Using small circular motions, I targeted problem areas in my T-Zone, around my nostrils and along my brow line. 
What I loved best was that my face was almost immediately free of moisture and grease, no need to rinse off. My skin felt soft and there were no visible patches of oil or dryness. 
Even this morning, my face felt clean and I just splashed it with water and put some light moisturiser on for the day.

For only £8.99, I cannot recommend the Gentleman's Sponge enough, pop one on your wishlist or in your man's stocking.

Until 21st December, use my exclusive code ROGUEXMAS for 10% off!

Thanks to the kind team at Konjac Sponge Co for sending over a fantastic Christmas hamper including the Gentleman's Sponge.

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