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Mention Pall Mall and images of luxury come to mind (or Monopoly depending on your audience). Pall Mall Barbers combine luxury, quality and peerless service.

They kindly reached out to me to test their Sandalwood & Clove beard pack and with #Movember almost over, I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who need help in taming and treating their newborn facial fuzz.

The Story
With 4 locations in Westminster, Bishopsgate, Trafalgar Square and Fitzrovia, Pall Mall Barbers are situated in prime spots in west London, a testament to the quality of their service and goods. Having been shortlisted for the GQ Grooming Awards 2015, they are at the top of their trade. Busy locations and a thriving product range combine to make a powerhouse in British barbering.

The Good

  • Excellent value for money, combining 2 high quality products and saving money on purchasing separately.
  • The beard oil has a handy pump top - one of my beard oil pet peeves is an open bottle. The user-friendly pump delivers drops without any mess.
  • A relatively heavy oil, it penetrates the beard hair easily and keeps it scented and strokeable for several hours after application.
  • Moustache wax is not just for novelty twirls, use it to tame stray hairs in your beard, moustache and even eyebrows.

The Bad
Clove is perhaps one of my least favourite smells. However, it has a traditional and masculine scent and will work well in winter.

The Price
£37.00 for the pack. Available online and in the barber shops.

If you are London-centric, pay a worthwhile visit to any of the barbershops for expert hair care and grooming. If (like me ) you are not based in London, make the most of their online shop for some excellent haircare, shaving and beard care products.

Thanks again to the team at Pall Mall Barbers and Mark at Mark Smith Media for the kind gift and editorial image

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