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I was in the process of drafting a new post when it dawned on me I've never really shown where I do my work.

It's true I usually work from my laptop but I'm lucky enough to have a dedicated work space at home for all my blogging adventures.

this actually isn't all of our computers

Our large spare room (it's actually bigger than our "master bedroom" is our office/studio/dressing room.

        the unit to the right is our manly dressing table, with boxes filled with hair products, belts and accessories 

It's a bit of an awkward shape for a bedroom, being long and narrow (we originally had a bed in here but it was a wasted space) so we adapted it to our needs with (more than) a little help from Ikea.
We installed full height wardrobes along one wall to maximise storage space and we can just about fit all our clothes in here bar a few hoodies in the hall cupboard. You may spot the foot stool in the shot above; this is for me as I can't really reach the top rails...

sadly these do not lead to narnia

A series of Ikea Kallax cubbies line the other wall and this houses all our paperwork, equipment and over-flow of shoes. I like the option to have some things hidden in boxes and using the other spaces as frames for some of my (many) collections/hoards.

              if you are keen-eyed, you might be able to spot some upcoming blog posts in the cubbies 

I am attempting to improve my photography skills (I don't think using my phone for all my blog photos is going to work forever) so Caelan surprised me with an early Christmas present in the form of a tripod and pop-up studio tent. We have a Nikon DSLR camera that is criminally underused (I'm a little afraid of it after damaging it at a party with an overly energetic dance move) so I'm hoping to use the studio, tripod and camera for some outfit posts when the winter weather gets too dark and horrible.

                                                                we all have to start somewhere...

my dia de los muertos family 
(actually from mexico - no knock offs here!)

a sewing machine is a handy bit of kit when you're 5'6" and nothing fits...

these pictures are scans from an old bird book I had as kid. It's still in a bookcase at my parent's house

I hope you've enjoyed a nosey around my workspace. I had intended a wee wardrobe tour but I would need an expedition to get it sorted. Another time perhaps.

Now it's your turn, show me where you get your creative juices flowing - I'd love to check out some workspace inspiration from other bloggers!

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