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#Septembeard may be over but the season for beards is truly upon us.
My own beard has been given a little over haul, with a bit of a trim and tidy up. Admittedly, this was unintentional; wrong guard on the beard trimmer, it could have been much worse.
With blustery breezes, dry air conditioned offices and sniffy colds almost daily occurances, there is no excuse not to look after your facial fuzz.

I've been very lucky as a result of my #Septembeard month to have been given some beard care products so I'll be posting a product review each week. 

First up is Carson's Apothecary

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Carson's Apothecary Amber 54 Facial Hair Conditioner

The Story

Developed by professional barbers, Carson's Apothecary combines family tradition with modern techniques. Based on formulas used by the founders family, the range of shaving products and beard care products took almost 14 months to develop. 

The Good
  • A glossy liquid, it doesn't feel like the usual beard oil.
  • On application, it felt more like using a moisturiser, and didn't feel greasy or heavy on my beard
  • The pump bottle is so much easier to use than the droppers many beard oil bottles have. 
  • It has an unusual and interesting fragrance, exotic and sweet; not the generic clove or musk scent most beard oils offer.
The Bad
  • With the Amber 54 scent, I found a little goes a long way. The scent was a little too sweet for my taste after a while when my body temperature released the fragrance further. 
The Price

Thanks to the kind team at Carson's Apothecary for sending me the product to review

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