Shear Madness


It might be the last cry of the lumbersexual, but shearling looks to be the style statement of the season. It was spotted in several shapes, colours and forms across the catwalks for AW15. 



Whether you agree with wearing skins or not, there is something inherently rugged about a shearling coat. I think this harks back to the primal ways of using furs or skins for warmth, a sign of your survival instincts. While I dream of going off grid and living by my wits, I'd likely starve or freeze to death. Plus, I'm guessing my log cabin won't have wifi...

Anyway, back to the point. I've picked a few shearling pieces to look out for. Potential wardrobe additions that will keep you up to date and stylishly warm this coming autumn. 
  • Overcoat, trucker jacket, donkey jacket, aviator jacket?
  • Faux or no? 
  • A simple collar or a full sheepskin coat? 
All these variables are out there, you just have to decide how much you want to commit to the trend.

ASOS £55.00

Topman £75.00

I liked this coat from Topman as it wasn't the usual brown, grey or navy for autumn. The tonal panelling and the contrast of the stark white collar keeps it fresh and modern.

AllSaints £998.00

Of all the high street brands, AllSaints are the most committed to the trend. They go beyond the relatively safe option of a collar feature with full shearling, panelling and design across a selection of styles. Check out the full range here.

River Island £85.00

Bershka £55.99

This outdoorsy piece from Bershka reminds me of the inaugural Outerknown collection from surfer Kelly Slater & Mr Porter. Ideal to tap the look without getting yourself into too much debt.
Barbour £349.00

The pea-coat from Barbour is perhaps the safest investment, as it will still look good in a year's time when the shearling trend might have abated.

With all these pieces hitting the high street, don't forget that the shearling coat is a truly nostalgic piece of fashion. If you are willing to have a hoke and pay for the follow-up dry cleaning and potential restoration, there is a high possibility of picking up a vintage version in a local charity or vintage clothes store.

:TIP: Many brands use the term borg interchangeably with shearling. Borg refers to a synthetic faux fur, you'd sometimes see it as the lining of parka style jackets etc. It can have the appearance of sheep fleece or fur. Use either term when searching online, it can open up many more options. (Just to be difficult, Levis refer to theirs as sherpa.)

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