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Beards (and their associated products) are approaching saturation. Many sites and articles proclaim the death of the beard, with a return to a cleaner shave. If this is the case, I will either be out-of-touch or something of a rebel as I have no plans to take my beard off any time soon! 

I've been lucky enough to work with The Bluebeards Revenge twice in the past, reviewing their shaving products and hair products. I was excited to learn they have recently launched a range of beard products and was generously sent the selection to try. The range includes beard oils and moustache wax. 

The beard oils come in 2 blends, Classic & Cuban.

The Cuban blend is a woody, spicy mix. I think it's ideal for coming into autumn as it has a warm scent without being too perfumed. When the wind picks up and the temperature drops, apply a generous splash of this heady oil and pretend you are having a wander through Havana. 

Of the 2 oils, the Classic blend is my favourite. Often oils are quite harsh in their scent profiles with one leading note and these are usually (slightly cliched) scents like cloves. I personally am not a fan of these scents as they are almost numbing to my sense of smell. The Classic mix has the same fresh and clean scent as their hair products - a very welcome change! 

One of the better things about The Bluebeards Revenge range of beard oils is the actual size of the bottles. Most beard oils come in little 15ml sample-like bottles. These oils come in generous 50ml bottles and have a handy drip dispenser so there's no fiddling with droppers etc. And they are both under £10.00. Win.

As with all beard oils, it's best to apply just after a shower while your beard is still warm and slightly damp. This will help with the absorption and therefore aid overall conditioning. When I first started using beard oils, I didn't know this and ended up with a greasy beard. Never a good look...

I've not fully experimented with the moustache wax as my muzzie isn't quite long enough yet. I trim my moustache more regularly than my beard as I find it tends to get in the way. It's been known to wake me when I roll over and the bristles go up my nose! I've also (painfully) accidentally pulled moustache hairs out while eating.
 I'll let it grow out for a couple of weeks - watch out on Instagram for a follow-up handlebar pic.

Check back for more #Septembeard goodness coming soon!

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