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We all know the saying clothes make man and while it holds some truth, being able to refine and tweak your look is a sign of real style.

Way back in my early blogging days, I wrote about my jewellery buying (and not wearing habit) but I've decided to be more adventurous in my accessories. This might come from the fact I no longer work in the jewellery industry; when I worked there, it was almost too obvious.

The team at Urban Male kindly sent me a selection of modern and stylish jewellery for me to style up.
I chose a mix of casual and more formal accessories and hope you might take some inspiration from my choices.

I'll admit, I am a fan of bracelets - I don't think I'd ever been seen in a necklace. I'm not confident enough to pull it off and while my wrists are the size of an average woman's, I like a little stack on occasion.
I chose a tiger's eye beaded bracelet and brown leather wrap bracelet. The natural materials make them that wee bit more relaxed, perfect with a casual checked shirt and jeans combo. 

For a bit of edge, I opted for this bold handcuff bangle. I think this will be the closest I'll ever get to being punk. I'd got for an all black look, black skinny jeans and t-shirt and let the metal be the feature.

When the occasion comes for a professional look (like my new job) I have these gorgeously simple accessories. When it comes to metal in jewellery, silver (or chrome) is always a safe bet and looks fresh and clean against any colour.

The wooden inlay in these cufflinks adds a hint of interest. The warm wooden tones are perfect for autumn too. Worn here with a classic French cuff white shirt, having these little gems peek out from the sleeve of your suit is a subtle, stylish touch.

I chose this understated tie-slide for the rarer times when I have to wear a tie. Being that little bit shorter, it means my tie can be long so a tie-clip will help keep me neat.
Again, the polished chrome is sleek and clean and looks great against a block colour tie. I love the smart detail of a retainer chain to attached it to a button should it ever come loose from your tie. 
I'd always suggest going for a tie-slide or tie-clip rather than a tie-pin. You don't want to ruin a fabulous silk tie by poking a hole in it!
Remember; if you are wearing a three-piece suit, your waistcoat does the job of your tie-clip. Don't be tempted to wear it too. Less is more.

Lastly, one of the most classic men's accessories (and great gift idea) is the money clip. The simple black iridium plating makes a sleek alternative to chrome.

Although we may not carry as much cash as we once did, I have used it to hold a few notes and my debit card, meaning I don't have to carry my wallet. When I'm not using it, I actually store it in my wallet so it's always handy.
One of the biggest crimes men are guilty of are over-filling their pockets - it looks a sight and can actually ruin the lining. So when you have the chance to free up your pocket, take it!

There's currently 10% off EVERYTHING at Urban Male  so pick up some bargains quick!

What accessories do you wear on a regular basis? Are you a watch man? Do you feel under dressed without something extra?
Leave me a comment below.

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