Winging It with Wingman


A couple of weeks back, the guys at Wingman got in touch asking if I would be interested in trying out their grooming products.
I remember seeing the company in it's fledgling form on the BBC2 show The Next Big Thing where companies competed for the chance to be stocked and supported by some of the UK's big high street names. I'm glad to see Wingman doing so well and was chuffed to be offered the chance to review their selection.

When I say selection, some companies send you one product, Wingman send me this amazing wonder bundle!
I kept a small selection back to include in my blog birthday giveaway but I tore into the others with reckless abandon.

A selection of face scrubs, face washes, moisturisers and 3-in-1 multi gels make up the core range.

Of all the products I was kindly sent, I think my favourite was the Mint Boom multi gel. I love body washes that don't smell of body washes and this zingy gel is just thing.It also has that not-unpleasant tingle when used just right...

I quickly ran out of Mint Boom and moved onto Citrus Blast; a light and fresh scent made for summer evenings.

The multi-gels can be used as a body wash, shampoo and shaving gel, making them ideal for taking on hols to save space in your dopp kit.
I took a bottle of Citrus Blast with my on my recent trip to Oslo and found it kept my skin moisturised and my hair well conditioned. It may not be ideal as your only shampoo, but for trips or after the gym; this is so handy.

I'm currently using the Cleansing Face Wash in my morning showers and it's keeping my skin pretty oil free and moisturised - what more would you want?

Wingman is available directly from their site with wallet-friendly prices starting from only £2.99

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