The Revenge of Bluebeards Revenge


As I've said before I am trying to explore more of the grooming side of my blog and this is the first real feature on hair care. I've done beards, I've done skin but nothing on the crowning glory.

I'm quite lucky to have thick, straight hair. While this is a blessing in some ways, it can be frustrating in others as it can be quite difficult to style as it tends to absorb product and just do its own thing.

I've just had a recent restyle for the summer (we're apparently experiencing this season right now) and I've gone for a pretty severe undercut with no blend. I decided to try something a little edgier than I usually go for, with a tighter shave and more length on top. I had the top hair just thinned rather than cut, to reduce bulk.

The folks at The Bluebeards Revenge set me a challenge; trial their new hair product range and come up with 3 different styles utilising the versatile selection.

The Bluebeards Revenge - Winner of FHM Grooming Awards Brand of the Year 2014

So check out my trio of trichological treats and let me know what you think.

Look 1

I used The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay to create a highly textured, surf inspired, undone look. The clay is great as defining individual sections, so if you are playing about with layering or sweeping, this can help hold and shape.

Look 2

Using The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Paste I created a more playful, bed-head look. The paste has a much stronger hold. Just warm the product between the palms of your hands until it's almost gone (a little goes a long way) and work into your hair. I advise applying from the back to the front - this prevents you from over-loading your fringe. Shape and scrub with your finger tips and have fun!

The higher the hair, the closer to god.

Look 3

My final look is a more structured, vintage look with a swept-back quiff. I used The Bluebeards Revenge Pomade, a shine wax product that has a gentle hold, allowing you some movement without losing control. The shiny finish also makes a sleek change to the usual matt look, great paired with a sharp suit for work. To achieve this look, I blow-dried my hair with a round brush to help build volume. 

Hope you'll take some inspiration and have fun experimenting with your hair style!

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