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I have slowly begun to take a more considered approach to my grooming. While I am inherently lazy when it comes to my upkeep, I'm becoming more interested in learning how products can improve and affect my skin and my overall appearance.

This doesn't mean I'm going to become some pampered ponce, but I hope to feature a little more grooming on my blog, in addition to the usual mishmash of fashion and lifestyle.

All this leads me to my latest grooming product road test, Scrub up Daily Detox from Rehab London.

I am a fan of scrubs - I like to feel a product working on my skin. Often a cleanser or face wash does a good job, but there is a sense of satisfaction in working away all that dead skin and oil and grime!

I have quite an oily t-zone and am prone to blackheads on my nose so I am always looking for something to help combat this.

I tried the Scrub Up Daily Detox over the weekend and I was overall pleased with the results.

In contrast to many scrubs out there, this was quite sparse in its actual scrubbing particles, although this didn't detract from its cleansing abilities. Sometimes I think there can be too much abrasion and ultimately, this could end up drying out your skin. What intrigued me most was what they actually used as their abrasives; Tahitian sand and bamboo - a little bit of exotic luxury to waken your face up first thing in the morning.

I also liked the consistency of the scrub, often scrubs can be thick and paste-like, but this was more like an oil cleanser. It has a subtle lather (which you would expect from a scrub) which meant it rinsed off easily and my face was left feeling refreshed and quite moisturised from the coconut oil content. The scent is also really subtle, I think this is more of a positive than a negative as you wouldn't want it competing with your aftershave or cologne.

Marketed as both a daily wash and a weekly scrub (although I don't know how you'd differentiate their uses), I'd recommend this for a try if you are looking to get your face ready for summer. 

*Thanks to Rehab London for supplying me with the Scrub Up Daily Detox to review. 

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