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In something of a break from my usual posts, I'm featuring a company that specializes in products for the home. Products that evoke memories and conjure the imagination. These are the creations of The Bearded Candle Makers.

I first encountered The Bearded Candle Makers a couple of years ago. I previously dabbled a bit in the craft world, selling wooden ornaments and accessories my dad makes in his spare time. I was instantly drawn to their imaginative and fun names like Dumbledore's Office or Achill's Secret Garden and the unusual and enchanting scent combinations.

Studio Souk
North Down Craft Collective
These are not your standard candles, you will not get a clean cotton, a cinnamon Christmas or a rose garden. Instead you will be enveloped by the smell of soil and the tang of tomatoes as you step into Professor Sprout's Greenhouse. You will be invigorated by the bracing scent of salt and lemon with Hello Sailor.

The Bearded Candle Makers themselves are the power couple Michael and Mark.

Each candle has it's own unique origin story and history and I spoke with Michael to get some more information into what got them started and the magical processes each candle goes through.

We started off wanting to work together on a project that combined things we loved like scent, craft, all things creative, sustainability and design.  Candles just ticked all the boxes. We spent just over six months learning the craft and developing our own scent profiling technique. We found that so many scents are quite generic and wanted to do something better. Our technique allows us to combine scents that sometimes would not work well together or scents most people assume would not work well together.  
We begin with the scent name and then build the scent into it, that way we find that sometimes the scent has a life of its own and we simply refine it to make it perfect.  The scent profiling is completely our own technique and as far as we know no other candle maker uses anything like it.It takes into consideration not only quantities and ratios but temperatures and few other variables that we believe create not only awesome scents but also scents that last to the very end of the candle.

We have a purpose built workshop in the garden at the back of the house! Its a small cozy space with tonnes of drying shelves and a high work bench.  It also doubles as our office!  Friends who have been into it always remark its like a wizards study or an alchemist's lab! This makes the nerd in us very happy.

We are now working on a new range of botanical candles! We are so stoked about these!!  We cant wait to finalise the scent profiles and the finish work on the actual product design!  We have one other AWESOME project we are current researching and testing (inspired by none other than yourself) but it we have to keep it top secret until its ready to launch! It a completely new product for us but one that makes so much sense that we get on board with.


These boys don't make candles, they make experiences. 

You can find The Bearded Candle Makers every Sunday at St George's Market, every month at the NDCC and they are also stocked in Studio Souk. If you're not a local, you can always visit the chaps at their Etsy store.

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