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Earlier this month I was lucky enough to win a competition hosted by Lush Belfast in association with Sea Shepherd.

I'm an occasional Lush shopper, my usual purchase consists of the Ocean Salt scrub, perfect for sloughing away all that dead skin under my beard and helps keep my oily t-zone under control.

I hadn't tried any of these products previously so I was pretty chuffed and excited to get stuck in and give them a go. I shared my prize pic on twitter and a few fellow bearded bloggers sang the praises of Kalamazoo!

I've been using this quite regularly this month, the pot currently resides in the en suite shower. It really does freshen up my skin and helps give my beard a good seeing too. It also helps that it is pretty tasty as I invariably end up with some in my mouth.

Dirty shaving cream
I'll have to admit, I've only given this a limited trial as I don't shave much. But from the little test I had on the nape of my neck, the thick creamy consistency went on smoothly and helped soften down my stubble, I suffer greatly from beard rash regardless of razor, temperature and product and while this didn't work any miracles, I did have a pretty bloodless experience.

Dirty solid perfume
This little gem interested me most. I've been looking for a new summer scent and this is fresh and zingy with hints of citrus and mint (like a wearable mojito). Being a solid, this is handy to chuck into your bag and ideal for holidays as it takes up so little space and comes in well under your liquid allowance.

The Guv'ner
This is an interesting product. I'm  a little paranoid when it comes to deodorant and body odour in general. I always apply a roll on and a spray, perhaps over kill but I never seem to hold scent and would rather smell of deodorant than BO. The Guv'ner is a dry powder, the main ingredients include sodium bicarbonate and charcoal, both known for their abilities to absorb moisture and neutralise smells.

Bunch of Carrots
There were 3 bars in the pack, however, my other half helped himself to one for a bath during the week. A subtle bubble and a fun orange tint to the water was the result. I have a little obsession with rabbits so I just love the quirk of these.

Thanks again to Lush for my wonderful prize, I'll no doubt will be back soon to replace these new favourites!
(Don't forget to take your empties back to Lush for recycling and you'll receive a freebie for your good deed)


Before you rush off to buy your own Lush stash, please check out the great work of Sea Shepherd.

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