90:10 - The Peter Pan Ratio


Some people are good at being adults. Old souls some call them. A sensible, grown-up approach to life, with a reasonable and well adjusted outlook and attitude.
I am not one of these people.

I turned *coughcough*33*coughcoughcough* late last December and I have been resisting "growing up" with every fibre of my being. I have self-diagnosed chronic Peter Pan syndrome, a classic case of the boy who never grew up.

  • I am still the man who watches cartoons. A lot. Not anime or sophisticated animated movies; actual cartoons.
  • I am the man who still plays Pokemon - I have done so since Red was released when I was 16 (I was probably too old to play it then let alone now.)
  • I am the man with an encyclopedic knowledge of X-Men rooted in my decades long obsession with comic books.

And so what? What benefits are there in always being sensible or grown up? I have a mortgage and pay my bills and drive a car - sometimes that's adult enough for me.

It's this balance that inspired the 90:10 brand, a range of clothing that embraces being 90% grown up and 10% not. The brand is the brainchild of Dan who, like many of us, was reluctant to fully assimilate into the adult world. He wanted to keep some joie de vivre with a range of relaxed and fun (without being novelty) clothing for the man who is sick of having to wear a suit or shirt at work and just wants to take it easy in his down time.

I am a committed hoodie lover, and so when Dan offered me one of their hoodies, I gratefully accepted. The hoodie itself is a fine, slim-fit brushed cotton in a rich dark blue. As many of my hoodies are zip-front, its nice to have a pull-over version for a change of style. It's a soft and comfy piece that will be perfect for a low-key weekend. The logo is subtle and will encourage a question rather than shouting the answer of where it came from.

As it is that little bit finer, it could be layered under a coat or body warmer, or as we enter summer, I can see them being the go-to barbeque/beer garden hoodie for when the sun begins to set.

rogues brogues menswear blog 90:10 clothing man

rogues brogues blog 90:10 menswear clothing man

rogues brogues blog menswear 90:10 clothing man

Many people say that the secret to living longer is staying young at heart, so I'm determined to do that and will display my 90:10 split with pride!

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