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Last July, I wrote a little feature on Scaramouche & Fandango's hydrator and face scrub. I was instantly a fan and the team were kind enough to send me their latest product; Sports Wash.

You could dismiss this as just another shower gel, but you'd be wrong and everyone would laugh at you and you'd go home and cry and then go online and buy it.

While yes, it is a shower gel, it is much more - 3 more things actually. In addition to being a body wash, it's a shampoo, a face wash and (most interestingly) it can be used as a shaving product!

scarmouche & fandango sports wash £9.00
sports wash & hydrator £10

I've put it through my rigorous (30 minute+) shower routine and have tried it every which way bar shaving - you all know by now I ain't for shaving!
  •  It's quick to lather and is really good as a shampoo. It removed all the claggy hair product from my hair and left it in good condition. 
  • It's not drying on your face but it does no harm to add a bit of hydration anyway. None of us are getting any younger!
  • The scent is fresh and masculine, but not that typical cliched man-smell. This just smells clean and what more do you want from a body wash? 

This handy bottle is all you'll need to take to the gym or for a weekend away. Call it the Swiss Army Knife of grooming; it does everything bar brushing your teeth!*

Scaramouche & Fandango can be purchased online and is available in John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, ASOS, Barneys New York and Fortnum & Mason! If that isn't a testament to the quality, I don't know what is!

*rogues+brogues do not accept liability for fools trying to use Scaramouche & Fandango Sport Wash as toothpaste!

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