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So I only went and got myself a new job...(I ended up being unemployed for a total of 3 days.) I had a week off before I start my new job on Monday past and I'm happy to say I'm back in e-commerce and looking forward to the challenges and opportunities to come! Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, offering advice and wishing me well - it was really appreciated

Anyway, this isn't a yay-for-me post but more of an interview wardrobe edit. This is what I wore to my interview.

  • A dark grey Strellson suit I've had in my wardrobe from my Carter days. The classic 2-button shape will never go out of style. I added a vintage waistcoat in a matching cloth to give it a more considered sartorial twist.
  • I paired it with a plain navy shirt from H&M. I knew the situation did not call for a tie but remember to only leave the top button open; this isn't Vegas.
  • Completing my executive realness, I popped on my new Cooper brogues from Last Shoe. I got them for Christmas and have been looking for the perfect opportunity to debut them. To ensure a sharp finish, ensure you choose a belt to match your shoes and I have a favourite tan belt I picked up in Zara many moons ago.

Horses for courses dictates that the job you are applying and interviewing for will dictate how formal you need to be but always bear in mind that you need to impress. You are an unknown quantity to your potential employers so you need to be memorable for the right reasons. Be yourself of course, but maybe curb some of your more experimental or outlandish attire until you know you've got the job. Inject some character with perhaps a pocket square or an interesting wristwatch  and cufflinks; interesting NOT novelty.

To those going through the recruitment process, I offer you this classic RuPaul-ism as a motivational mantra...

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