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The second instalment in my If I Were A Boy... series welcomes Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista. I was introduced to her blog through my work and we've gone from contacts to friends. Despite the fact we've never actually met, she's one of my best blogging buds. I'm delighted she has taken part in the series, her fun and honest writing, her sense of style and her overall loveliness makes her blog a must read! Over to you Sera!

If I were a boy... would I have any style at all?
As a girl, (well, I should probably say woman...) I think I'm pretty close to nailing my own style. I enjoy clothes, so very much. Dresses mainly. Oh! And shoes, I do love my shoes. I tend to avoid trousers and jeans and other things like that as I have, what some might refer to as, a curvy figure, meaning not everything can or will work for me. And so I pretty much live in dresses as you'll see if you ever pop over to The Agoraphobic Fashionista dresses are the order of the day, always!
Then the lovely Ian asked a very interesting question...
If I were a boy, what would my style be? What type of clothing would I favour. 
Now, admittedly I take very little interest in male fashion / style, though this isn't intentional as I do love men's style, however I'm married to a man who has a standard uniform of a band T shirt and a pair of jeans. Oh! And Vans, mustn't forget the obligatory skate shoe. 
I know for a fact that the above would not be my style, if I were a boy. 
If I were a boy or indeed, a man (oooerr), I reckon I'd opt for casual luxe or heritage stylings. These are the styles I favour as a woman so it makes sense that those are what I'd go for if I were the opposite sex. One's personality is one's personality dahhhling!
The only issue I'm having is getting my head around the trousers scenario but quashing my own body fears and really embracing the notion if I were a boy, I reckon my style would go a little something like this....
 Always a fan of quirky prints, tweed and rich colours, I believe not much would actually change! Men's fashion has come on leaps and bounds these last few years and whilst researching for this post, I have to admit to falling in love with a few pieces... I wonder if I'd be able to talk The Mr around a little to my way of thinking...
 I adore Ian's own personal style and I think if I were a boy, I'd be rocking the bearded look too! Cheers for giving me fashion food for thought Ian! 
Sera McDaid

Thanks again to Sera for kindly taking part. I urge, nay command, you to check out her fun, frank and fashionable blog! 

If you are interested in participating in the series in the future, drop me an email: roguesandbrogues@live.com

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  1. Thanks SO much for having me! Enjoyed the thought process thoroughly and still really want that shirt.... must kit out my wardrobe with more oxblood coloured clothes <3 x

  2. The shirt is pretty cool, not sure if I would wear it though!


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