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A year ago I wrote a wee post detailing some pointers I had picked up along the way as one of the bearded brethren. Writing what I knew then, I gave some basic rules and ideas on maintenance and grooming of your facial fur.  I, along with my chin, have matured since then and my beard grooming practices have evolved so I thought I would write an updated version.

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beauty is in the eye of the beardholder
I haven't really trimmed my beard since around April except for the odd wayward strand so it's never been longer or fuller. 

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To paraphrase Spider-Man's Uncle Ben with great beard, comes great responsibility... So in addition to the basics (which I am sure you have undoubtedly refreshed yourself with by re-reading the post I linked to above) here are a few more tips for keeping your beard at its best.

What Lies Beneath. I touched on this last time but as I have discovered, you need to make even more of an effort when your hair beard gets longer to prevent the dreaded beard-druff flakes. I use Lush Ocean Salt scrub once a week to slough away dead skin under the hair. I apply it dry before I get into the shower and then give it all a thorough scrubbing. 
You'll need to replace the moisture lost by stripping away all that grime, so when you're applying your usual moisturiser, add a bit more for good measure and work it into your chin skin. 

Feed Me Seymour. Men are learning (slowly) the importance of skin care and grooming so while you apply moisturiser to your face and body and condition your hair, don't neglect your beard. If anything, it needs it more. 
While washing my hair, I apply OBSCENE amounts of conditioner to my beard. As I can spend up to 30 minutes having a shower and the conditioner is applied at the start and it's the last thing to be rinsed off; this is plenty of time to allow it to do its stuff. 
My opinion/budget on conditioner remain the same - if it costs more than a quid, it stays on the shelf. 

R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Just because it feels tougher, doesn't mean you can be too rough with facial hair. Pat it dry it dry when you're out of the shower.
Invest in a comb. (When I say invest, go buy one from the chemist.) It will keep tangles at bay, preventing it from feeling tight and also help train any unruly growth . I get bed-beard as much as I get bed-head and find I need to comb my beard more than my hair. 
I occasionally apply a little pomade if it's being particularly difficult. While VO5 extreme style grooming pomade isn't really strong enough for my thick head hair it can help tame some straggly beard whiskers. 

male grooming beard blog rogues brogues

Oil Be Back. If you are feeling even more indulgent, treat your facial foliage to some beard oil. I picked up Jack Earl Co rugged beard oil from Welcome Stranger while I was in San Francisco. Apply it directly after a shower  while your beard is still damp and warm (sounds gross) and your beard will literally drink it up. Initially, I had been applying it like hair product to dry beard hair but I discovered the oil can just lie on the hair and feel heavy and a bit greasy. 
It has an intense woody scent so you don't need to apply cologne. Yes, this sounds a little contradictory; although I don't shave, I still use aftershave. 

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Happy Septembeard my facially hirsute rogues! If you have any additional tips or recommendations, please leave me a comment below. Are you pursuing the way of the beard this autumn?

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  1. I've never been a bearded fella but this sounds like great advice! Beard oil is becoming a must-have nowadays so I am pleased to hear it really does make a difference. Great post, as always! :-)


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