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One of the easiest ways to make your suit or jacket that little bit more interesting is a strategically placed piece of extra cloth.

Pocket squares are the sophisticated cousin of the humble hanky (don't be tempted to blow your nose on it or we can't be friends any more). A simple square of fabric, folded and displayed in the right way will show just how clued in you are.

I don't often have the need to don a suit or blazer but when I do I try to make the most of the opportunity.

wedding wear may 2014
I've started a small but considered collection with pieces I have picked up, created or or been lucky enough to win; here's a little look at what's in my pocket

Clockwise from the top
  1. Deji George: I won this pocket square and a lapel pin in a Facebook giveaway a while back but have yet to find the right moment to wear it. Rather than the usual cotton, this silk twill square screams luxury and is best worn in a puff fold.
  2. Next: This little polka dot number was actually tacked into a jacket I bought. I liberated it from said jacket and have found it one of my most versatile pieces (as seen with my suit above)
  3. Mr Pocket Square: Another prize, I love the tartan square and usually wear it with a pale grey vintage blazer. Caelan has adopted the grey square for one of his blazers, using the solid colour as a subtle contrast.

I also found this handy little how-to on Indulgy which shows how to create some of the most popular folds

The formal accessories market has exploded over the past few years, with tie pins, tie clips, pocket squares, bow ties, braces and lapel pins featured in many brand selections. The important thing to remember is not to try to wear all the pieces at the same time. Start with a pocket square and add some panache to an otherwise mundane outfit.

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