Blessed Are The Geek


  1. 1.
    an unfashionable or socially inept person.

Or so they would have you believe...

We have reached faux-geek saturation point with those f-ing t shirts every girl wore last summer and if I see one more kid in fake NHS glasses that I know fine rightly have plain glass lenses, I'll puke. But trace many of the trends of the past few years and you might be wearing the very thing you picked on that guy in school for wearing.

Plastic frame glasses, bow ties, comic t-shirts, braces, cuffed jeans, bobble hats, satchels... we all have at least one of these in our collections.
alfie brown frames | specspost £24.00 (incl standard lenses)

The explosion of geek subculture such as comic books, video games, tv shows like The Big Bang Theory; even blogs, have lead to many businesses capitalising on this niche market and the result has sadly killed what had made it so special.

the big bang theory | geek chic

Take superhero t shirts for example. I have collected comics for over 15 years, as a skint kid my only option for a comic book t shirt was either £40 in Talisman or ordering from a catalogue you would find in the likes of SFX magazine. The appeal was that nobody else would have this and not everyone would get it. It was my way of wearing my geek with pride. Now they are on every shelf in Primark and I couldn't be less interested as they are not unique.

A true geek would not wear a Superman t-shirt, they're more likely to be wearing a Bizarro t-shirt. This is their subtle act of defiance, wearing the reverse of norm.

Here's a few of my own geeky t-shirts, ranging from Wolverine to Totoro, Avengers to American Horror Story

Maybe geeks are the true style pioneers, adopting and embracing the unusual until it becomes too obvious and they move on to the next (secret) big thing?

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