Silver Linings


Every cloud has a silver lining and we have had plenty of clouds since the start of 2014 with torrential rain and howling winds almost daily. But this cannot dampen our spirits or prevent us from getting on with getting on.

So last Saturday I braved the elements to venture into Belfast on a few of errands.

  • Hair cut. I've not had my hair sorted since before Christmas. I have thick, straight hair that eats product and rejects styling so I have to remind it who's the boss on a regular basis. My favourite barbers in Belfast is Peter Oliver; I have built up a great relationship with my stylist Olivia who knows how to handle my hair and is always on hand with advice on how to tame my mane. She is going off on maternity leave soon and although I wish her all the best for the imminent arrival, a selfish part of me is worried about who will do my hair (or hurr if you wish to pick up the local lingo)
  • New specs. I've worn glasses since I before primary school - with my blond hair and tortoiseshell NHS frames, I was the spit of the Milkybar Kid! ==>
    I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours in work and then come home and sit glued to at least another 3 screens at home; either my phone, laptop or TV. While I got new glasses just over year ago, I thought I would invest in some new lenses in a pair of rather cool frames I picked up on eBay. I love the geeky-retro vibe to them and the wooden legs make them that little bit more unusual. If you are a glasses wearer, shop around - you don't have to take the frames in the opticians. Find a pair you love and most places with glaze them for you for a little bit extra.
new specs/newhair/same beard

  • A trip to St Georges market. St George's Market is one of my favourite places in Belfast and the weekend market was recently voted the best in the UK, ahead of the likes of Borough and Spitalfields! The Saturday market is a mix of craft and food while Sunday offers more vintage and crafts. I called in on invitation of the lovely Sam Mercer after I commented on her designs on Instagram. I'd seen Sam's work previously in the Fashion Souk and was delighted to find she is turning her hand to producing men's accessories with a new line of boutonniere and pins. I had a great chat with Sam and it was so interesting and refreshing to talk to someone so passionate about their work and their surroundings. After limited success in the Souk and 2 years in Victoria Square's craft market, her creations have found a home in the historic surroundings of St George's market. Her collections of pins, clips and fascinators and fab new head scarves are the product of hours of sewing and crafting and love. The vintage styles are cute and quirky and I know many female friends who would love to rock a piece or 2. 
i love the hustle & bustle of the market with live music every saturday

sam's kind gift
more of sam's work
these peacock buttonholes caught my attention - something different for a groom perhaps? *hint
the lady herself
Sam's enthusiasm and passion is infectious and she very kindly gave me some of her new styles; bow tie button-holes and flower boutonnieres. I'm giving away this striking red flower boutonniere - just enter my Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lapel-wear has had a major comeback of late with many high street stores now offering adornment for those other-wise boring jackets. Most lapels have a button hole - don't be afraid to use them!

i wore the red boutonniere to the quirky wedding fair on sunday

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  1. Sams stuff is so pretty :) but it looks so good on your jacket it almost seems a pity to give it away!


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