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The fervour of fashion week is abating. We've had London Collections: Men, Pitti Uomo, Milan & Paris crammed into the first few weeks of January. While the spectacle and splendour of the frankly amazing collections cannot be diminished, what does this mean to the everyman?

How do we enjoy the spoils of the catwalk without drowning in couture? Not every one has the confidence to pull off some of the more avant garde pieces, not everyone can wear them to work & frankly, not everyone can afford them.

Designer fashion is no longer the prohibitive members-only club is used to be. The abundance of diffusion lines (which many consumers do not know differ from their parent brands) allows those of us on a smaller budget to access these once hallowed hauses. However, they will never have the impact of the original pieces after being diluted and censored for the masses.

This is where we tread the fine line style and fashion. Style is a personal thing, but so is the loose term of "fashion". The fashion we see on the runway has been the personal concept and product of a single designer so to derisively say we are not influenced by the styles of other is a lie. We all wear something someone else (somehow) told us to wear.

Appreciation for these designer brands is important, however, we do not have to follow them fully. Blending of designers, trends or styles is key to creating your own wardrobe personality. The average man, such as myself, actually benefits from this situation. We might be limited by budget or bravery so it forces us to become more crafty in our style, getting to pick & choose from the best of both worlds.

fashion victim; aspiration should not lead to a loss of identity

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