Stag Night


Stags and antlers have gone from natural history and men's club to fashion staple in the last few years. Interiors, apparel, tattoos; you name it, it's probably had a stag printed on it.

Owls and foxes seem to be the choice for womenswear and accessories whereas stags (being male) are much more suited to menswear. The stag is a strong masculine icon and the associated energy makes it one of the few times it's acceptable to have an animal on your clothing.
There is a line though, while the season of novelty knitwear is upon us, reindeer (red nosed or otherwise) should be kept to a minimum!

Some of the stags dotted around my house

I have a thing for stags, with a selection of skulls, heads and accessories I've collected over the year. As the season of wishing draws closer, I've complied a little list of the bits I'm coveting and that I think would make great gifts for the fellows in your life.

  1. River Island red stag tee £18.00. A great casual bit of kit.
  2. Marks & Spencer gold stag head £36.00. Perfect for his den/man cave
  3. Paperchase engraved stag hip flask £15.00. To keep the cold out.
  4. Etsy bamboo stag head cufflinks £12.52. Some woodland whimsy for a formal occasion
  5. Not On The High Street stag bottle opener £9.95. Friday night beers just got better
  6. Bellfield Surnia jumper £40.00. Christmas appropriate without being too cheesy.
Sorry to any reader expecting a post about actual stag nights - I have no experience of this social phenomenon but hope this stylish alternative has been just as informative.

What animal motifs have caught your eye/imagination this season?

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  1. For many years I've collected and worn frog pins. Generally more-or-less realistic representations; mostly in pewter. For whatever reason nothing gets comments like having a frog on your lapel.


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