On the fourth day of Christmas I spotted this for me... For scrawling words!


Day four of my 12 Days of Christmas bring yet another tenuous pun and a selection of gift ideas if you are stumped for what to buy the man/men in your life.

I am an avid stationery collector and can kill an hour in Paperchase or Muji marvelling at pens and notepads. I constantly have a notepad and diary on the go in my day job. A journal, even a blog, is a great way of decanting all your cluttering thoughts, either for yourself or for sharing. So inspired by that (and my perpetual New Year's resolution to write more) I've made a little selection of stationery and ephemera. While we all rely on our phones and computers to keep us organised, there is really nothing as satisfying as ticking off a task completed in your diary!

Going clockwise from top left:
  • Livescribe 3 Smartpen. This handy piece of tech records and converts your scribbles into text when you use it with the app or even jotting on a pad. If you're like me and forget what half your notes are referring to, being able to sort and search them afterwards makes a lot of sense. 
  • Muji a5 monthly/weekly diary. I love Muji, I have even travelled to Dublin just to visit the store in the past. This neat little diary is a great size and the red cover is bold without being garish and it also makes it easier to find in the bottom of your bag.
  • Parker urban matte black rollerball. What is cooler than black? Matte black so this sleek little pen is a sophisticated addition to your pocket. Just don't lend it to anyone.
  • Moleskine oxide green notebook. Moleskine are the notebooks every other note book wants to be. The BF bought me an a5 book and I've yet to start it (I think I'm too afraid of ruining it with my messy handwriting). Available in a variety of sizes, they make a perfect travel journal with their little pocket in the back cover.
Ever struggled for something to justify a new bag? Any of these will make it vital, you need something to carry your new bits of kit in. That's my excuse anyway...

On the fourth day of Christmas I spotted this for me...
For scrawling words

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