On the first day of Christmas, I spotted this for me...


The 12 days of Christmas(ish)

The 12 days of Christmas traditionally runs from Christmas Day until the 5th of January but it seems now people take it as the first 12 days of December. As nobody else seems to be following the rules, I thought I'd put my own twist on it and my 12 days will run from today until Christmas Eve!

On the first day of Christmas, I spotted this for me...

Every gent needs a good pair of cufflinks (forget about the novelty ones that come with 6 pairs of socks.)
This simple steel pair from Mulberry are a classic addition to any wardrobe and will go with everything.
Think of them as an investment and a future heirloom. Remember though, a double cuff shirt is not for casual wear. If I catch you wearing one with jeans, you'll go on the naughty list!

As we draw closer and closer to the Crimbo climax, come back for my daily dose of festive finery. (I love alliteration.)

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