On the eighth day of Christmas I spotted this for me... 8 manly must-haves!


Every man needs a basic kit and I've pulled some suitably masculine bits & pieces that will see him through any of life's toughest challenges.

  1. Uniqlo black v-neck merino sweater. This is a wardrobe staple that works with trousers & jeans. This & the Converse are my only concession into wearing black!
  2. Gap 1969 skinny jeans £29.99. Dark denim always looks smarter and can carry you from day to a night out with a change of your shirt. Avoid gimmicky washes, pockets and finishes. 
  3. Monsieur London Olderfleet tie  £63.00. A simple smart tie is a true investment, This knitted silk tie can be worn to work or a wedding.
  4. Converse All Star Hi Tops £47.99: In my opinion, the only casual footwear option. These little beauts are your weekend wardrobe essentials.
  5. Calvin Klein boxer trunks £28.80: No y-fronts or baggy boxers. Simple, no silly pattern and for the love of god throw them away after a year.
  6. Burton grey 3 piece suit £134.00. I'm going back to the 3 piece. Every man needs a suit in his wardrobe and this affordable suit is a great starting point. Grey is more versatile than black and the 3 pieces can be broken up; wear the waistcoat and jacket with jeans.
  7. H&M plain white t-shirt £3.99. It doesn't have to be designer to look great. A fitted, bright white t shirt is a style classic. Just make sure it stays white!
  8. Victorinox jelly Swiss card £12.59. Every guy like a gadget. This little kit fits into your pocket and is packed with essentials like scissors, screw driver & blade!
Any of these pieces will form a strong basis for any man's wardrobe. It's once these essentials are in place we can begin to play with pattern and colour. You don't decorate a house before it's built; cliched but true!

On the eighth day of Christmas I spotted this for me...
8 manly must-haves

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  1. The Victorinox Swiss Card is just too cool.

    I haven't got round to creating a Bloglovin account yet but you will be the first I follow!

    Nick | N.E. Boy

  2. It's a cool little gadget and perfect as a little stocking filler.
    All follows much appreciated & I follow back :)


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