Bah... Humbug?


I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas. I'll admit it. Years of retail has jaded me to the magic of the season. The ruthless, mercenary (and downright nasty) attitude of some/many people who maraude the high streets in the pretence of spreading joy, searching for the perfect present.

But I'm trying to change!

It's been over 2 years since I was on the front line. I previously managed Argento on Royal Avenue Belfast and hell hath no fury like a Fandora who can't get the charm she wants. Don't get me wrong, the fun and banter of people who embrace the spirit of Christmas is contagious, but often the silver lining is lost in the cloud of long hours, cold starts and rude customers. Yes, we choose to work in retail, but that does not diminish the fact that we're entitled to enjoy the build up to Christmas too.

So I made a decision. (Well, the fact we bought a house in January and booked a massive holiday for next year were deciding factors.) I'm taking on a part-time job for Christmas. Working in e-commerce at Christmas is challenging and busy, but it lacks the same hustle and bustle of a shop floor. I was also keen to get back to working in clothing (jewellery is fun, but fashion is fashion) so I'm picking up a few hours in USC Victoria Square for a little extra Crimbo cash and I honestly can't wait! I've worked in both high-end and high-street fashion, but the fast paced atmosphere of USC will be refreshing. Hopefully my sales skills aren't too rusty; I'm looking forward to helping style the folks of Belfast.

Victoria Square's gargantuan tree
Victoria Square's glass ceiling makes the lights even more impressive

Cold & bright - this is winter to me.

Ann Street, Belfast
In contrast to Christmas, winter is probably my favourite season.

The view over Sirocco Quays, Belfast
The dark and cold of winter is tempered with lights

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  1. Good on you! I've worked on the shop floor for many years but now I work in a head office, I really treasure having my christmas holidays. It could be fun at times but I swear to god the worst was working in La Senza, I wanted to strangle some customers with the bras and knickers they were casually leaving all over the shop floor. I hope USC is a little less frustrating than my experience! ;) | Belfast fashion & beauty blogger


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