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The weather is steadily turning more and more grim these days so I start to reach to the back of the wardrobe for the trusty old jumpers.

I have a love/hate relationship with jumpers; they are perfect for layering, but what do you do with it when you take it off? (There can be frost on the windows and I invariably overheat)
They add bulk to keep you warm, but can ruin a silhouette and make you look lumpy. They can last for years, but take more TLC than I generally have the patience for.

I have a mix of good real wool sweaters and cheaper acrylic versions. The cheaper ones are more trend-led, seasonal pieces that I wasn't prepared to invest a lot in, but the others are classic pieces in merino wool and will feature year after year.

Keep a mix of fine and heavy sweaters for different occasions in the basic colours; navy, grey, claret or dark green. Throw in a couple of cardigans and you have a strong, versatile wardrobe.

There are a few simple but key rules for keeping your jumpers in good condition:

  • Never hang a jumper - always fold it. Your shoulders will be at your elbows otherwise.
  • Likewise, dry it flat to prevent stretching
  • If you are putting your woollies away (why would we ever do this in this country?) make sure they are clean. Again, store them folded and keep them somewhere dry
  • Wore your favourite jumper today? Resist the temptation to wear it tomorrow. Let it rest so the wool fibres can bounce back into shape.
  • If it says dry clean, dry clean it. This doesn't mean after every wear though.

I have a few favourites I rely on when the temperatures drop; here's a peek inside my woolly wardrobe

These are possibly my favourite jumpers. They are both from Uniqlo, Merino & lambswool and under £20 each.
I have to admit I committed the cardinal sin against wool with this pair though.
Since I lost some weight, they became a little too baggy so I washed at a high temp to shrink them. They felted a little but nothing major and I get to keep some old favourites.

This mixed bag is a selection of acrylic jumpers. (Acrylic is so much easier to look after)
All crew neck which makes them a little more casual, they have contrasting chest, yoke or sleeve patterns.
They are from Primark and Matalan so no great investment but good for a wee bit of colour and character

This is my newest addition and I love it.
I usually avoid creams as I think they wash me out, but the anchor pattern made me think of aran sweater and winter warmth so I snapped it up for £15 in Primark.
(Primark is available via ASOS if you don't have one near you)

Lastly a couple of cardigans. On the left is a Fairisle-esque piece from River Island
(I have heavily disputed claims it is a Christmas cardi).
On the right is a denim blue cotton cardigan from Next. This light weight piece is great all year round for layering.

As much as I love these little buggers, there is always that covetous voice in the back of my head telling me that I could really do with a few more options. So, on to the wish list!

  1. H&M Knitted hoodie £19.99 I'm a hoodie devote. This knitted one makes for something a little more interesting and will be a nice texture variation if you layered with a gilet.
  2. Zara Tartan sweater £29.99 Tartan is a big trend this season but if you didn't want to go the route of the usual red, this Campbell style with the plain raglan yoke is a nice alternative.
  3. River Island Rust cable knit jumper £35.00 You need a shot of style vitamin-c in your wardrobe this winter to stave off fashion flu.
  4. Atom Vintage Village Green jumper £29.99 A bit of retro fun - not all your clothes have to be sensible.
  5. Next Birdseye lambswool crew neck £35.00 I love the simple pattern on this jumper; perfect under a pea coat for a traipse round the market.
  6. BoohooMan shawl neck cardigan £18.00 A shawl neck makes a change to this season's other trend of turtle-necks (and less likely to catch on your beard)
Thick or thin, cardi or crew neck, you need a few jumpers to see you through autumn and winter (and probably most of spring too) Hopefully this selection has a few inspiring choices but I'd love to see what you are wearing this season.

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  1. Great post! I love jumpers and lord knows I have enough to share with an entire army but I will continue to buy them. Some great finds here.. :-) – A blog for the modern man


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