I am a proud beard wearer.

Yours Truly
The popularity of facial hair is at an all time peak, ranging from stubble to the hipster hirsute of Ricki Hall.

Red Carpet Beards
The Men of the Oscars 2013

Ricki Hall
While it can sometimes diminish into stubble, I am rarely clean-shaven. (There was that time last October when I shaved to start Movember from scratch, but let's not talk about that. It's too painful)

As such, I've had to adapt my facial routine around the omnipresent furniture.

Here's my tips for giving good face:

  • Keep it neat. This doesn't mean shaving it off. Just invest in a good beard trimmer to trim scraggly ends and wayward moustaches. (If you can eat it, trim it)
  • No rough edges. A wet shave along your cheeks and at the neck will keep your beard looking fuller. When shaving the base of your beard, don't go beyond your Adam's Apple or else it turns into a chin strap. (This also draws attention to a double chin)
  • Softly softly. Beard hair is coarse and will choke up trimmers and razors quickly. My top tip is to have a really long, hot shower and apply copious amounts of conditioner. The heat and conditioner will help soften the bristles and make it easier to shave. If the growth is long or dense. trim first, then shave or it can start pulling. I'm currently using Herbal Essence, but I'm not that fussy - it's generally what I can find in Poundland.
  • Exterminate Exfoliate. The skin hidden under your beard needs cleansed just as much as the rest of your face. The presence of the hair can be a bit of an obstacle but a good scrub will get rid of all that skin. I use L'Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Exfoliating Face Wash; it thoroughly cleans away all the grime but doesn't dry out my skin.
  • Moist. When you apply moisturiser, don't neglect your bearded area. It deserves some lovin' too. Again I'm a L'oreal kind of boy but find what works for your skin type. After I passed the big 3-0, I started using Vita Lift. 
  • Don't force it: Not everyone can grow a full beard. It can be patchy or your moustache might look like a barcode. Either way, if it's not working, there's little you can do to bring on the beast. Instead, maybe opt for stubble; easier to keep &; easier to grow.

Weapon of Choice
Philips QT4050 

Because I'm Worth It
L'Oreal Men Expert

I'm no Spring chicken
L'Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Anti-Ageing

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  1. I love men with beard !

  2. Great advice.


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