Rogues Gallery: Ryan Gosling


In my Rogues Gallery articles , I'll be featuring men who inspire me, who push the boundaries, who have become style icons

The first feature is the current Hollywood golden boy Ryan Gosling.

From Mouseketeer to Young Hercules, Ryan's earlier career was a mixed bag. His recent successes with Drive, The Ides of March, Lars & the Real Girl and his latest effort Only God Forgives have cemented his status as the casting director's obvious choice to play the outsider or dangerous loner. It's also shown us just how well the boy can dress.

Granted Gosling's looks & physique helps in carrying any look but he is adventurous and playful with his wardrobe. If he has a stylist, their work is exceptional, but I like to think he has input in the selection. Even his casual clothes are obviously considered, yet worn with nonchalant confidence.

Here are a few of my favourite looks from the past few years
Gucci at The Ides of March premiere
The tonal green suit outshone that of his co-star George Clooney
Ferragamo, Drive premiere, Cannes
I love the colour pop of his red socks
Ferragamo at Drive photo call, Cannes
I don't think he could get any more appropriate for the Riviera
Casual does not mean sloppy.
A great mix of fabric and textures.
The driving gloves are the perfect finishing touch.
Strolling through LAX
Unless you are a mega star, don't wear your shades indoors
The iconic jacket from Drive
Only Mr Gosling could make a scorpion-emblazoned, quilted satin bomber look this good

It's been announced that Ryan is taking a hiatus from acting to concentrate on directing. I hope this doesn't mean he'll be hiding too much.

Check out some of my suggested style steals:
Peter Werth Culford suede bomber £275
House of Fraser

Rayban Wayfarers £135
House of Fraser

Grey skinny jeans £29.99

Selected slim fit blazer £90

Aztec stripe tee £18

Red cable cardigan £38.00
Ben Sherman grained leather boots £80

Blue slim fit suit jacket £100
River Island

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