A Lesser Man


Well, that's the plan.

This week, the BF and I joined the gym. I have put this off for many years; I hated the idea of making a sweaty, lumpy fool of myself in front of a gang of lean, mean Adonises (Adonisi? Is there a collective noun; a pose of Adonis?)
I found this not to be the case. While there are a lot of guys with Men's Health cover-worthy physiques, everyone seems to be there just to get their stuff done.

Last year, I lost 2.5 stone via Slimming World. Their plan wasn't revolutionary, but having the structure of the meetings helped motivate me. Losing this weight reignited my love for fashion as I felt more confident and could wear the clothes I wanted.
However, I've been slipping since March and decided it was time to get physical.

I'm a complete newbie, so while I'm doing what I hope is correct, we're thinking of investing in a few personal training sessions to put us on the right track.

I even went and bought new sportswear. This is not something that ever really featured in my wardrobe before, other than the occassional hoodie but I won't bore you with pictures of my dodgy shorts.

I did, however, invest in a decent pair of running shoes. I am very flat footed and get shin splints on inclines, so getting something to help with this was vital. I picked up a pair of New Balance 670v2; they are really comfortable, lightweight but not flimsy and offer great support through the heel. I picked them up in Sports Direct for only £34.99.

We're off to America next April and I'd like to get in some sort of shape (round is a shape, right?) and then probably undo it all with American-sized breakfast portions. I'll post the odd update over the next 9 months - wish me luck!

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