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Well, this week is nearly over and I have to admit, it's been pretty fab.

After a somewhat dramatic start in which I got the angriest I think I've ever been in work, I decided to take it as a sign that I am passionate about my work. I should channel my energies into things that I love doing and it has given me some renewed confidence in my abilities.

In my full-time job, I operate the company's social media channels and as such, I look into building relationships with bloggers. With our Autumn/Winter catalogue shoot approaching, I thought inviting some local blogging talent to the shoot would benefit both the company and the bloggers; giving them an industry insight they might not normally have access to. So I opened a little Twitter competition to our Belfast fashion bloggers and there were some amazing entries.

Our chosen bloggers were Ruth from Willow Lane & Rosanna from Silver Brogues, two ladies who know their stuff! (A special shout out to Carolyn of Forever Scarlet who couldn't attend due to work commitments) I'm looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Ruth (Willow Lane) & yours truly
Rosanna (Silver Brogues) and me. (Again)

It was a blast behind the scenes at the shoot - I had a hand in actually selecting the product in Hong Kong back in March; so to see it modelled and styled was pretty cool. We had an amazing team working on the shoot; photographer Khara Pringle, make-up artist Paddy McGurgan, stylist Sara O'Neill and hair stylist Joe McGivern

This was my first real contact with other bloggers and I couldn't have been more delighted. Blogging can feel very isolated, you might get interaction; you don't always get connection. While we might not write about the same subjects, it was great to create some new contacts and make new friends.

Speaking of making friends, the lovely Sera McDaid added this little ol' blog to her list of favourites! Sera has been super supportive and offered help on tweaking my blog. Check out her award-winning blog The Agoraphobic Fashionista.

In other exciting news, I recently wrote a post on my new found love of Cuckoo's Nest clothing, a design-led brand offering some amazing graphic tees and I am delighted that they've added the article to their site. My first featured post!!

Finally, I've been approached by Beyond Man to write a regular column for their digital magazine. While I am a little daunted, I am honoured, excited and damn right amazed that I've been offered such a brilliant opportunity. Beyond Man is Northern Ireland's first & only men's fashion digital publication so I'm thrilled to be involved in such a pioneering venture. Northern Ireland is full of stylish men but there is little coverage, information or support of our thriving fashion scene. Beyond Man is the future and the future is change.

Lewis Cameron, Editor of Beyond Man

Beyond Man SS13 Show

Beyond Man recent campaign

So after only a month or so since I launched my blog I have been extremely fortunate to have found such support and recognition. I am enjoying the experience; sharing my thoughts and learning from such a dynamic and creative group of peers. Thank you to everyone for their help so far.

(Oh & my lovely BF and I booked our holiday for next year: an American adventure visiting San Franciso, Chicago & New York. Icing on the cake.)

Have a great weekend!

(Images property of Cuckoo's Nest, Beyond Man & rogues+brogues)

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  1. Oh you've had a fabulous week indeed! Congratulations with your new opportunity with beyond man x

    1. Thank you! It's all come out of the blue. A real confidence boost :)

  2. WOW! Amazing week! Really pleased things are going so well for you. It's heart warming to read! :-) – A blog for the modern man

    1. Thanks so much - it's always great to hear back from other bloggers. I'm a little surprised by the support within the blogging community, it makes a nice change to the usual cynicism found on the web.

  3. A week late to reply - I did read this a week ago but have had issues with my commenting. Lots of adventures and opportunities - well done! Also loving the look of your site:)

  4. Thank you! I'm just tinkering with it at the min, trying to find something that's a bit more me :)


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