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If I'm honest, I'm not usually a big Topman shopper. They don't really cater to my size and I'm too lazy to try hard enough to get into the trends.

This being said, curiosity got the better of me last night and I had a nosey in the Victoria Square store and actually found a few little gems worth investing in.

Up top is a brown herringbone jacket, reduced from £110 to £80.
While I don't know if I would go the whole hog and buy the suit (a bit too Matt Smith/Doctor Who) I think the jacket would make a strong piece to carry into autumn - stock up now!

The two shirts are a really nice twill cotton - again out of season, but a good purchase to wear smart casual with jeans . The khaki green and royal blue (they call it navy - it really isn't) are a change from white or school-boy blue.
At only £10 each, they aren't going to break the bank. 

A navy jacket is a strong wardrobe staple - it will see you right with jean, chinos or shorts if you're feeling particularly continental. I have one I bought in GAP *ages* ago and am strongly considering this as a replacement. It has a waffle texture which makes it that little more unusual too. It's currently £50 from £75, but out-of-season pieces like this tend to drop in price again, so keep an eye out.

Finally I spotted these little shoes. I have a borderline obsession with shoes (hence the title of this blog) I've found that when I was feeling not so good about my weight, shoes were something I could fit into and feel better about. 
I'm not dying about the white soles, but they'd make a fun feature for summer with chinos. Now £25 from £48

The Topman sale has really only just started and they tend to put the out-of-season stock out early. As I'm more of an autumn wear kind of guy, this benefits me, but I'll keep an eye out for any seasonal selections and let you know!

Thanks and have fun


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