Sunday, 8 May 2016

Wallet Wishlist

The time has come to get a new wallet.

This decision was not something I came to lightly, rather it was thrust upon me yesterday morning when I came downstairs to leave for work and found my beloved Mulberry tri-fold wallet had become my dog Mervyn's latest chew toy.

Supple, luxury leather obviously translates to a delicious, tasty treat. He also managed to mangle my debit card and nibble the corner of my driving licence. Bless him. -_-

The grisly remains

So I am on the look out for something to replace my dearly departed Mulberry. 
Here are a few of my prerequisites:

  • Style: Gone are the days of a Velcroed skater wallet with keyring attached. I need something relatively smart but with a bit of character.

  • Quality: I've said previously, I am not swayed by designer brands but with a wallet, I expect longevity and that often means spending a little more. My Mulberry lasted almost 6 year with no signs of damage until the incident so I need something with the same quality of material and craftsmanship.  

  • Subtle(ish): I do not want a massive logo bolted to the front. However, I am not adverse to unusual colour or materials. I do not want black; too hard to find in a bag, too boring to mention.
  • Size: I don't carry change in my wallet; too bulky, stretches the leather and destroys the lines of a jacket or coat so no real need for a coin section. Somewhere for rare times I have cash on me and somewhere for my cards.

  • Naturally, I am drawn to replacing the wallet with another Mulberry. As much as I love the classic oak leather, playing with colour and opting for perhaps the flint grey or army green would be a small but smart switch. 

    Top: army green. Bottom: flint grey

    Subtlety drew me to this simple tan wallet from Sandqvist. I like the understated stitching and raw edge, I'm even willing to over look the zip section on the back. The pale cognac colour will age beautifully with scratches and patina adding to its character.

    I often have said I have less money in my wallet than the actual value of my wallet so with a budget in mind, I spotted this rich burgundy red wallet from Fossil. I have used Fossil leather goods in the past and found them to be of good quality at an affordable price. 

     I always think tan is a stylish colour in a wallet and it just improves with age. The soft tan of this compact wallet from Oliver Sweeney is contrasted with the splash of cobalt blue on the interior pockets. The exterior pocket on the reverse is also handy for passes or that coffee loyalty card you use every morning.

    And for something completely different and a bit more out there, this amazing orange wallet by Comme des Garcons at Oki-Ni caught my eye. There's no chance of me missing this in a bag and would be a fresh summer accessory.

    Any suggestions are welcome in comments. I'm looking for inspiration at this point, I don't want to commit to a one-season piece. Help!

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    Friday, 15 April 2016

    Dublin Days

    Over the past month, I've been making a weekly trip to Dublin for blog events, press days or just for the craic.

    Merchant's Arch, entry to the infamous Temple Bar area


    Although Dublin is only 2hrs away on the train, it was a city I rarely ever visited. But the more I have explored, the more I have come to realise how much it has to offer as an alternative to my home town of Belfast.

    A cronut makes the commute a lot more tolerable.


                                                                         A mantra to live by

    I thought I would log a few of my snaps and finds in a post and my favourite places for shopping, to grab a coffee or for a quick lunch.

    indigo & cloth

    One of my favourite new finds (well, new to me) is Indigo&Cloth. I've followed the store for ages in instagram so was determined to find it the day Caelan and I visited. Situated in the bustling Temple Bar area, it is coffee shop come men's fashion emporium come design haven. It's everything I want from a shop!

    It's true

    With collections from Norse Projects, Levis, INSTRMNT watches, Our Legacy and Sandqvist, the store's carefully curated range is fashionable without being trendy.


    The store's latest window merchandising in collaboration with OffSet

    On each of my 3 visits, I have ordered a flat white. On each of my 3 visits, it's the best flat white I've ever had.

    brother hubbard

    I'd heard good things about Brother Hubbard when I put a shoutout on my facebook page for coffee spot recommendations. 
    I made my way to it after attending the COS AW16 press day last week, one of the team at Baluba had actually recommended Brother Hubbard's other venture Sister Sadie but I was heading back towards the centre of Dublin so thought I should give the original a visit.

    A relatively simple installation, Brother Hubbard don't need to have over-the-top interiors when their food and coffee is as good as it is.

    I arrived *just* at the end of breakfast and was glad for it. I opted for the beans & pulled pork special, a hearty and warming bowl of homemade baked beans. spiced with paprika and topped with a juicy pile of pulled pork and a fried egg. 
    To drink, I stuck to my usual flat white. Brother Hubbard use 3Fe coffee (another spot on my to-visit list) 

    While you're there, pop into their next door store Little Brother where all their delicious sandwiches (voted best sandwich in Dublin), coffees and essentials are available in a fantastic delicatessen.

    It's been a week since I was last in Dublin and I think I am having withdrawal symptoms; anyone got an excuse for me to go back?

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    Sunday, 10 April 2016

    COS AW16 Press Day

    On Tuesday I headed down to Dublin to attend the COS autumn/winter 2016 press day.

    I had attended the SS16 press launch last year and really enjoyed getting a preview of the coming season. I much prefer the seasonal styles of autumn so I was eager to see the new collections.

    Much of the collection is purposely over-sized, with dropped shoulders and elongated sleeves or  legs. This conscious free-form style is apparent throughout the menswear and womenswear pieces.

    A subtle and muted colour palette create a collection that both speaks to and work with each
    piece. Any item can be combined, creating a versatile and functional wardrobe.

    Traditionally feminine shapes and colours have been applied to the menswear collection, created a free, androgynous selection. Soft creams and blush pinks will add a different cool tone to a winter look.

    The Japanese-influence COS is renowned for continues into this season, as seen in kimono-style collar-less over coats, this time in stunning off-white Donegal tweed.

    There is always a stand-out graphic print in the collection and this is it.
    A hand-drawn grid pattern, with a flocked finish, creates a modern take on a traditional overcoat.

    Fellow blogger Mark from Effortless Attire (right) dressing like a true fashion fellow in head to toe black. (And showing me up in the process)

    There is a running theme of utility, with fastenings, fabrics and details drawing from the realms of safety wear. Oversized zips, velcro closures, reflective fabrics and neoprene have all been used.

    A satin blazer is transformed by a thin layer of wadding, merging safety with sartorial.

    Oversized, drop-shoulder boucle coat. 

    The Cos take on the classic white shirt and the polo neck; combining a jersey collar with a crisp cotton body.

    The simple placement of a dart or stitch changes the entire silhouette of a piece.

    This reflective sleeveless vest gives me a late 90's vibe.

    Reflective cycling safety gear applied to street-style casual wear. 

    One of the few bolder colours was this pop of mulberry in a polo neck. Just the single feature colour against a pared back palette denotes a true sense of colour and style.

    Even the accessory selection was influenced by workwear and safety gear. Maritime duffle bags, felted snapbacks and these padded hand warmers.

    Thanks to Cos and the team at Baluba for the invitation.
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